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The Incarnate Season 2

The Incarnate Season 2
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In this enthralling movie, we encounter Clair (Nazo Ekezie) a young beautiful medical doctor whose life and career gradually develop an ugly face the moment she starts seeing visions of a certain strange ancient man who unfortunately turns her into a victim of paranoia. Her visions of this strange man incidentally urge to take up an enormous mission to her remote village where she is destined to save her family and the entire community from the captivity of an evil native doctor known as Anaeto (Emeka Amakeze)Interestingly, there is a strange connection between this young doctor and the native doctor which its revelation will be a big shock to everyone.

Movie Cast: emeka amakeze, nazo ekezie, leo ewuzie, harry b, chigozie nwoye, ify afuba, nkechi nweje Tags: drama, horror, romance

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