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Dimgba The Ancient Warrior Season 4

Dimgba The Ancient Warrior Season 4
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The movie "Dimgba" has portrayed the theme of love, lies, secrets, deceit, envy and betrayal in the most remarkable way. This is a plot that is extremely unexpected and uncertain that one could never imagine. How does one describe the situation in the palace when the prince suddenly discovers that his beautiful and amiable wife is pregnant for another man? In this exciting tale, a young girl Uremma finds herself in an ugly situation caused by the only man she ever loved. She further complicates her life by going ahead to marry the prince. Now this action incidentally creates a chain of very shocking, interesting and breathtaking events in the movie.

Movie Cast: dom onu, roy denani, basil okezie, don augustus, brown obiahu, princess khan c Tags: drama, romance

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