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Scent Of A Woman Season 1

Scent Of A Woman Season 1
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This is a wonderfully created movie packed with great dramatic thrills, intrigues and terrific suspense. 
Beauty, good fortune, popularity, fame and wealth are all enlisted in the qualities and achievements of 
Rihanna(Amara Igidimba), a young lady whose career is at the top in the music. Unfortunately,having achieved all these, this lady is secretly tormented by something unknown which is gradually tearing her sweet relationship with Jerry (Anthony South) apart. If something is not done fast, this same problem may cause a serious jeopardy on her career and ultimately her whole essence. This movie will not only educate all but will surely serve as an eye opener to everyone.

Movie Cast: amara igidimba, anthony south, collins ejike, gloria johnson, inme peters Tags: drama

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