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Water Of Life Season 1

Water Of Life Season 1
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This enthralling epic movie tells a story where deep rooted selfishness and resentments pushed a man into taking the life of another man. This grievous act incidentally leads to many other heartbreaking incidents surrounding an innocent young girl known as Nrioma(Racheal Okonkwo) who unfortunately is made to pay for a sin committed by another man. Sadly, a community has invited the wrath of the gods and a terrible nightmare upon its inhabitants. Their survival lies in the water of life known as "IYI OGWE". Interestingly, "Iyi Ogwe" offers a bigger nightmare no man can ever survive. 

Movie Cast: chiwetalu agu, ngozi ezeonu, don brymo, queen wokoma, racheal okonkwo, johnpaul nwadike, cooper jennifer Tags: drama, romance, horror

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