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Black Money
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Here is the beautiful sequel to 7 Rules of Money. Events take an interesting dimension with the meeting of Gladys (Chika Ike), the chief maid of Queen of Shangisha and Hilary (Van Vicker), a member in the cult of Mehistopheles.Unexpectedly their sizzling romance turns into a passionate love and they must do everything to be together. Certainly, this unleashes a clash of spiritual powers as the stage is set for a vicious spiritual warfare. This movie will capture your attention and keep you in awe. Nollywood Movies Starring: Van Vicker,Yul Edochie,Chika Ike,Jibola Dabo,Rita Arum Produced by:Chukwuemeka Chukwuemerie Directed by: Ugezu j Ugezu.

Tags: romance, action

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