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Photographing A Ghost Season 1

Photographing A Ghost Season 1
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The movie Photographing A Ghost shows excellent quality in the writing, directing, acting and cinematography. It's infact a superbly done tale that focuses its story on how far people can go in order to break free from complexities of life. Exposed here are different characters who find themselves deserted at crossroads by fate and these people have no choice but to seek solutions from places that only complicate their lives more. The character of Kanayo(Ernest Obi) here remains at the spotlight because he is a man whose life is surrounded by plagues and scourge of darkness. Again, this man must try to unravel the mystery behind his abject poverty and explainable complications that have embraced his loving family and find lasting solution to them. This movie will greet you with lots of twists and turns to keep guessing and enough suspense to keep you at the edge.

Movie Cast: eve essin, walter anger, ernest obi, chinwe owoh, destiny etiko, evi ernest obi, nina iruka Tags: drama, horror, action

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