Wages Of Trust Season 3
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Wages Of Trust Season 3

Wages Of Trust Season 3
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This movie portrays the themes of lust, infidelity, guilt, seduction, evil manipulations and regrettable mistakes. Adaora(Queen Nwokoye) and Emeka(Onny Micheal) are a loving couple who could be said to be very close and deeply in love with each other. A couple who share and enjoy deep affection, understanding ,joy and peace in their marital lives. Incidentally,they,welcomed a close friend into their loving home;a sad and heart broken lady who needs help. Unknown to them is that their kind actions would have their lives redirected by their visitor very badly and dangerously;a situation which would finally cost them their marital love, closeness and peace.

Movie Cast: queen nwokoye, linjoe, onny michael, ify obinabo, irene ibekwe, shaggy bes Tags: drama, romance

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