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My Love And 1 Season 1

My Love And 1 Season 1
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This movie is gripping, romantic, endlessly imaginative, beautifully photographed and artistically designed to touch on true love, romance, emotions, pains, sacrifice and dying. A movie that invigorates ones belief that love is worth living for and dying for at the same time. In the story, we encounter Michael(Ik Ogbonna), a handsome young man who is utterly desirable by all the young ladies in town, the same way he desires only to frolic with ladies, have them for a short while with no true feelings and emotions attached. But all of that comes to an end with an encounter with young beautiful Nichole (Collette Nwadike), a girl who suddenly ignites the feeling of true love in Micheal. For the first time, Michael is ready to explore true love with Nichole but unfortunately that cannot be; owing to her complicated health condition. How was Micheal to know that he would find himself walking through the path of love and pains, yearning for love, facing unrequited love, giving up everything for love and finally dying for love? Truly, this movie will offer an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Movie Cast: obi okoli, ik ogbonna, nosa rex, collette nwadike, arum rita nwolisa, zulu adigwe, joyce kalu Tags: drama, romance

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