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Iyi uwa (Item Of Life) Season 1

Iyi uwa (Item Of Life) Season 1
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For years, the throne of Obodocha community has remained vacant without a king; a situation which is quite disturbing to the community. To fill the throne vacant requires three able bodied men who would embark on a terrifying and dangerous journey in search of "Iyi uwa" belonging to the princess; an item which is connected to her life. This mission however is not a mission for warriors with armour but that which requires tactics, in depth wisdom and bravery. Whoever makes it alive becomes the new king and the groom the amiable princess of the land. As the movie unravels, beautiful actions, suspense and surprises which are all packed in the story line would follow the viewers down the path to greet them with different emotions and feelings. 

Movie Cast: zubby michaels, junior pope, oni michael, regina daniels, chigozie nwoye, angel princess Tags: drama, romance, action

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