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Sacrifice the Lamb Season 1

Sacrifice the Lamb Season 1
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Set in the rural area is this fascinating masterpiece. Osinaka(Daniel K.Daniel) a young man has so long been kept in the dark over the mystery surrounding his birth and his second name "Uniyi". Incidentally a strange spirit, Agbaraugo(Chinyere Akukwe) continues to follow him, obviously bent on winning his love. Osinaka must find a way to unravel so many things that remain shrouded in the strange message he received from a young girl, Okwukwe;(Regina Daniel) with her mystic powers.
Nollywood movies starring: Daniel K. Daniel, Leo Ewuzie, and Uju Okoli.
Director: Victor Okolo
Producer:Kelechi Onwuchekwa

Tags: action, drama, horror, action, drama, horror

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