The Lion Hunters - Summary

by VideoMoja on March 8, 2017, 5:22 pm

The Lion Hunters - Nollywood Movie Summary 

The year comes with more Nollywood excitement than ever before! For the lovers of fiction thrill, accompanied with some action, one of the latest releases is definitely a perfect choice that will leave you yearning for more, the Lion Hunters is that serious of movies you do not want to miss out on this year, released in seasons 1 to 4, this is an exciting film that investigates interests, riddles, extraordinary forces and human frailties. The motion picture takes us to a specific group that respected the nearness of two puzzling ladies Sali (Oge Aneke) and Tubu (Racheal Okonkwo) whom everybody accepts are sent by the divine beings to help the general population. In any case, the tragic the truth is that these baffling ladies have accompanied a more hazardous mission utilizing their supernormal forces, to noiselessly wreck and devastate the lives of guiltless individuals who approach them for offer assistance. Curiously, the destiny of the whole group lies in the hands of two little kids Iga (Chinedu Ikedieze) and Agari (Osita Iheme) supplied with heavenly forces. The fight between the puzzle ladies and these youngsters is passed that of the physical realm. Watch the film to find out which group takes the final win in this spiritual battle…you never know, the boys might take the lead, the girls might as well or better yet they might end up power sharing. You cannot afford to miss out on this newly released mind blowing Nollywood thrill that will be sure to capture your attention throughout the entire four seasons.

Starring our Nollywood sweethearts Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Chinyere Wilfred, Mac Smith Ochendo, Oge Aneke and Nichole Banna, the producer Chiemelie Mishack and Director Amayo Uzo Philip have made sure that the film is delivered to the audience through the best of the best and missing out on this would be a crime.


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