Pleasure Crime - Summary

by VideoMoja on March 16, 2017, 5:08 pm

Pleasure Crime Nollywood Movie Summary

How lucky or unlucky can a man get? All the “taken” beautiful ladies are after him, just what is so special about him that even married women want him? He is just an electrician looking for money, will he fall into the traps of the beautiful and tempting ladies or will he be bold enough to stop before he falls into a pit? Be careful who you pick and let into your life, whether it be your “close friends”, or just a simple worker in your home you may be opening your doors to bigger troubles than you can handle….you never know just what might go wrong. As the movie title suggests, pleasure crime is a modern day film that explains the world today as it is in black and white. From friends who will tell you to back off from your family because they are “old school” and know nothing of this new and digital generation, to a married woman who does not value her marriage anymore and is willing to risk it all with a stranger, this film is a clear depiction of what is happening in our society will not only entertain you the viewer, but hopefully you will also get a moral lesson at the end of it all. This is a film that touches especially on the young marriages, singles, and all young adults; it shows the bonds of family and the importance of being in a sober mind during this era where everyone seems to be busy.

Rest assured you will have your whole being glued to your screens as you watch this movie in its two sections. What’s more, your favorite stars are in front of your screens this whole time; the beautiful ladies Ini Edo and Tonto Dike, and literally the ladies’ man Yul Edochie will be keeping you wanting more of the drama and wondering how things will unfold throughout the entire movie.

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