Agony of the Blind - Cast Review

by VideoMoja on June 23, 2016, 3:54 pm

Agony of the Blind Nollywood Movie Cast Review 

We review some of the prominent names from the movie Agony of The Blind. The movie describes the plight of a man who regrets having abandoned his wife in the quest of giving his mother a grandchild. Even after going through so much pain in her life, the wife has to make a decision whether to forget all her pain and go back to her husband, or forget her husband and get away from her past anguish caused by her mother-in-law.

Francis Duru, plays the role of Ifeanyi. He is one of the protagonists in the movie. He meets his daughter without even realizing that she is his own flesh and blood. In the film, Duru is portrayed as a reasonable and kindhearted man who helps a stranger who turns out to be his daughter.

Charity Eke Faani is the agonizing blind woman who lives with her daughter in misery and poverty. Though they seem happy, deep inside she wishes that her daughter would not have to go through the unfairness of life and the struggles of being the breadwinner due to her mother’s blindness.

Chinwe Owoh another popular face in Nigeria also stars in the film. She is the alleged “monster-in-law” who contributed largely to the agony of her son’s wife because she wanted a grandson. Her live insults and taunts towards the poor woman would later come to shatter the heart of Ifeanyi’s wife to the point of leaving her husband’s house. After dragging her daughter-in-law through so much mad, will there be any hope for a brighter feature due to her actions?

Chinyere Madubuike features as an agent between the mortal and the immortal, we see her trying to convince Chisom that her time with her mother is gone and that she cannot  be with her again.

Regina Daniels plays the role of the beautiful and strong-willed daughter of a blind mother. She shows her hard work and dedication as well as the unending love for her mother. She does everything she can to be there for her mother and her fighting spirit saves the day.


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