When I fall in Love Summary

by VideoMoja on May 4, 2017, 11:52 am

This is an eminent sentimental story concentrating on the subject of love, yield, torment and turns. Obinna and Ugochi is a couple gotten in a web of adoration. Theirs is a contorted adventure of adoration that is based on companionship, communication, relinquish, exceptional feelings and unbreakable bond yet encompassed with agony, obstructions, turns, dismissals and confinements from relatives and companions. While occasions develop, we would witness how Obinna and Ugochi attempt to explore their way through the complexities of their relationship.

As the movie continues to unfold, we would witness as this stunning relationship is put to many tests which all came in different plots and plans perfectly done by members in their family as well as companions.

People say that love wins all battles, but how true is this after this love is put to such heavy tests?  Will it withstand the test and pressure from so called “friends” and family, or will it give in and separate the two love birds. The movie has some moral values and lessons to be learnt by many starting from couples, family and friends on how to handle people who are in a relationship as well as how to handle your friends and family when in a relationship. To know the unfolding of the film, you have no choice but to watch it to the end and get carried in the unexpected eventualities. With the film sectioned into four parts, each section from the first to the fourth leaves the viewer yarning for the next bit.

Gracing your Nollywood screens in this movie are your favorite actors Ken Erics, Peggy Ovire, Emma Ayalogu, Austin Okwelum and Ify Obinabo. The producer Chukwuemeka Chiemerie and director Olisaemeka Soundman are behind all the magic happening in front of your screens.

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