#AppUpdate16 - App Sneak Peak

by VideoMoja on November 1, 2016, 2:00 pm

Video Moja's #APPUPDATE16 - App Sneak Peak 

After a long summer and the release of our web version update on #Summer16 release, Video Moja's fellow app users were wondering when they will get an upgrade. Wait no more app users, we saved the best for last and we made sure it will be a perfect way to end the year and also celebrate new years. 

Our development team has mostly been focusing on providing a better mobile experience on the palm of your hands, giving you more freedom on the go.

Web First, App Better 

Our team initially released the #Summer16 Web update to setup for the release of the #AppUpdate16. With a higher demand from our mobile users and a majority of the Web App users on the mobile, it was a no-brainer for us to make sure our App Update will be Better. After getting the new features on the #Summer16 released, our development team studied the analytics to understand how to best deliver the new features for our mobile users. 

The Video Moja team did not just stop there, we listened, and took notes on the valuable feedback you gave us through Facebook, eMail and the app store. Our team worked very hard to fix the issues you were experiencing on the last version by making it faster and patching up loose ends where the app was not connecting as it was meant to be.   

Bellow are the new features you will expect to find on our #AppUpdate16 release! 

Clean & Simple Interface: We got rid of the old complicated user interface and introduced a simple clean design. To all you to navigate with ease and in style!  

Personalized Platform: The more you use Video Moja, the more it will understand how you like your movies with our Recommendation feature. The app will recommend the next movie to watch based on either the current movie you're watching or your past history. 

Control Your Data/Internet Use: Our App will allow you to control how much data accesses the app will be using, giving you more power on how you want to be entertained. 

Social Experience: To get started, you can now finally login using your Facebook account, and also have the option to comment and interact with other fellow users on each movie. 

Share & Rate: Your valuable feedback can be shared via Facebook commenting with our Social Experience updates and also by rating movies, and sharing them with your friends. 

Above are just some of the features we plan to include, we did not want to reveal everything. 

One last thing, the update will also include Over 1,000+ Nollywood Movies when we release it! 


We're very excited for the #AppUpdate16! Stayed tuned in, we will release more details and the official launch on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/videomoja



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