Video Moja: Update V.01

by VideoMoja on August 16, 2015, 7:26 am

Video Moja: Update V.01 

Welcome to the first and official Video Moja update. We recently had a major update that took one day to setup, that is why the website was not available or functioning properly on 8/13 – 14/2015. We are now happy to announce that we have passed the early stages of BETA testing.  

Now, let’s get to the new updates and also upcoming features.

Video Moja .01 Official Update (06/26/2015 – 8/15)

  • Free Membership: When we launched Video Moja, users could only get a membership account by becoming a premium subscriber. We are happy to announce that you can create a free account today, and upgrade later / anytime.
  • Movie Series: You can now start watching your favorite Nollywood series all in one section and also stay updated when new releases are out ( We are going to start by adding the latest movie series first, and add new series every week!
  • Favorites: This is a feature that will allow users to select their favorite movies and keep track of them in their profile / favorite movie list ( This feature will be avaible after the /Videos sections is ready (to learn more about this, keep reading).
  • New Layout: We have improved the home page for Video Moja so that you can quickly accesses your profile, movie categories and more.

Due to our last update, we were not able to get everything up and ready by the deadline. Below are some of the features that we will be added in about two months.

  • Eight Nollywood Movie Categories: To make sure we cover more areas and also create a diverse environment, we will be adding eight Nollywood movie categories and also movies to go with those sections (this is separate from our /series section, this will be the /videos section).
  • Premium Membership: We have not fully finished setting up our premium members features, but we do plan to release more information when it gets closer to the official launch of the premium subscriber membership.

If you have any questions about the updates, release dates and more info. Please simply comment bellow or find our contact information at the FAQ page. 



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