#Summer16 Upgrade Sneak Peek

by VideoMoja on June 27, 2016, 4:15 pm

Video Moja's #Summer16 Upgrade Sneak Peek 


It's that time and season of the year where Video Moja is introducing awesome new features based on your suggestions and our team of dedicated engineers and designers visions. Together we have found solutions to the problems the platform currently faces and innovations that shall push it further into the future. We are very excited to unveil the features that will be added in the release of Video Moja 2.0, this includes, a smoother interface, social integration, and finally a more personalized experience.  

Smoother Interface 

Our user interface team has put together a smoother design that will be working hand in hand with the new features that will be a touch away when needed. We are also going to be integrating a new search system that will suggest content as you are typing, making it easier and faster for you to find your favorite movies. 

Social Integration

In the past, we have used Google Plus as an option to set up a Video Moja account, but we are now going to also include a Facebook option based on your request. Our team did not just stop there, you will also be able to rate movies and leave comments or reviews to help you and your peers find the perfect movie to watch.

Personalized Experience  

Get ready to get your own version of Video Moja based on the type of individual you are, which will make the platform unique to each and every person based on what they want. The platform will recommend you what movies to watch based the content you watched in the past and your favorite actors / actresses that you mostly watch. 


Stay Tunned In for the Release of Video Moja 2.0 Upgrade, it Will Be Worth It! (release date to be determined in July) 



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