Second Coming Summary

by VideoMoja on April 17, 2017, 3:13 pm

As usual, Nollywood is always ahead of the game when it comes to bringing our viewers the most exciting films in 2017. Some fiction combines with thrill, action and traditional Naija mix will definitely do for some of us who enjoy this genre of movies. The movie Second Coming is yet another exciting and eye-catching film that will be sure to leave our viewers yearning for more.

This is a movie that is tied round strong love, strong spirit, covenant, and reincarnation.
This gripping movie captures three different worlds where undying love and strong will propel people to reincarnate.
Here is the story of Olaedo and Iyielu who have discovered such an undying love, affection and togetherness for each other. Now their only obstacle is Olaedo's mother who has come with rejection and restrictions over their love affair. However, Olaedo, Iyielu and Olaedo's mother have a strange and interesting connection in their past lives. Theirs is an unfinished business in the past which the three must settle in their present lives. You cannot miss seeing how the events unfold through the rest of the film, the tension is almost tangible as the story goes deeper, the drama and the thrill get even crazier, and any lover of fiction would appreciate the level of skill and production put into this film.

Starring Daniel K Daniel, Chinyere Wilfred, Bella Ebinum, Ikhiore Ochuko, Austin Okelum, Emma Ayalogu and Aloysius C. Amah, the film will give you some chills and thrills from the very first to the fourth season. The producer Obi Cajetan Obunike is responsible for this thrilling film and of course cannot go unmentioned for his great works.

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