Ovuma The Rage - Summary

by VideoMoja on March 24, 2017, 5:14 pm

Ovuma The Rage - Nollywood Movie Summary

This year comes another with another exciting and mind blowing Nollywood film Ovuma the range. The thrilling and exciting film brought to us by Wizco Movies Limited brings to us a unique story full of suspenseful drama, thrill, and excitement that will leave you glued to your screens and yearning for more and more of this exciting movie. This year Nollywood takes us a notch higher as we venture into the world of film with this story that connects as to our deep African roots and culture and connects as to the past African society and gives as a gleam of how interesting life that was in Africa and makes us feel right at home.

Starring the very talented and lovely Ken Erics as Eso and Zubby Michael as Jekwu, together with Sam Obiego, Joyce Kalu, Destiny Etiko and Nichol Banna, they bring us the story of two twin brothers in the royal family. Both this brother must walk in different paths as chosen for them by destiny. Eso (Ken Erics) is the first the first twin and is set to commit an unthinkable and terrible act on two strangers; an old woman and her niece. This act will, however, expose the relationship between Jekwu (Zubby Michael) and the savages and ultimately saves the community from the dangerous hand of these dreadful savages. Let us not spoil the fun and the story, ruin the film for your venture into this amazing story and enjoy this very amazing story as u get entertained by these stars do what they do best.

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