Latest 2016 Nollywood Movies Part. 1

by VideoMoja on June 10, 2016, 7:42 pm

Latest 2016 Nollywood Movies - Pt.1

As we as a whole know, Nollywood movies are not backing off and 2016 has been another real year for makers, on-screen characters and above all the fanatics of Nigerian motion pictures. We take you through the most recent hit films of 2016.If 2016 found you unaware of  what’s been  happenings in matters film, you are in the right place to get your latest updates. Watch your favorite actors as they take you through this year’s best Nigerian movies. From strong activity, to fiery trick, to hot sentiment, customary and social topics, fiction and drama. We got you secured!!! You are not passing up a great opportunity as long as you are subscribed to Video Moja because we will give you the most recent and best upgrades. Here's a glance at Nollywood's most recent and best of 2016.

  • Stolen Virginity 
  • Emily Millionaire  
  • War Room 
  • The Revenge Broom  (Patience Ozokwor)  
  •  Intelligent Students
  • My Mother’s Tears 
  • Maid To My Own Son  
  • Demonic Wife
  • My Maid My Princess
  • War In France
  • The Police Wife 
  • Deep In Love  
  • Temptations in Marriage
  • Nadia's Rose  
  • Seductive Electrician
  • I Want A Man  
  • Stingy Millionaire Season 
  • My Own Blood


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