Forever My Love Summary

by VideoMoja on April 21, 2017, 7:29 pm

Forever My Love Nollywood Movie Summary 

To the people who love to watch some romance films with a little drama, deceit, and deception, we have just the thing for you, ‘Forever My Love” is a captivating movie which is a total package that would not only entertain but also offer a thoughtful message to its audience. Made especially to inspire couples, this movie has several lessons that can be derived especially couples who are going through the test of love.  What happens when your love for your spouse is tested so deeply especially people as close as your own family? Will you succumb to your family’s and friends’ pressure or will you hold on the person you love the most?
Buchi(Ken Erics) and Isioma(Chizzy Alichi) are two people who have discovered a strong an amazing love for each other. So far, both have been able to define such love which is deeply rooted where no one can ever uproot it.
As the movie unravels, we would witness as this amazing relationship is put to many tests which all came in various plots and schemes neatly done by trusted family and friends. As they say, not everyone that laughs with you wishes you good. See how deep people would go to bring down a happy relationship in this movie, but as the title goes “Forever My love” it gives us some hope that in the end, love conquers all evil.

Nollywood movies starring: Ken Erics, Chizzy Alichi, Emma Ayalogu, Austin Okwelum and Ify Obinabo.
Producer: Chukwuemeka Chiemerie
Director: Olisaemeka Soundman


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