For Love & For Pain Summary

by VideoMoja on April 27, 2017, 8:11 pm

For Love & For Pain Nollywood Movie Summary

Is love worth killing for? The story “For Love and For Pain” takes us through the journey of a young woman who sacrifices everything and invests her time, resources and everything she has into a relationship that does not end well. This drives her into so much sorrow that she contemplates taking her own life because she feels it’s too much to bear. Will she go through with this plan and die? The young nurse is driven to this point but thankfully the love of a mother is unconditional and her mother who has been with her all through the trying times encourages her and gives her hope again and she bounces back slowly. But what happens after the very same mother who has been there for her suddenly falls sick and she has to take care of her with their limited resources? Will she find a way to pay for her mother’s medical care? More so, will she ever find true love again? Watch how the drama unfolds minute after minute and how people can turn their backs on you and strangers become like family. You will love every minute of this movie and hopefully derive a few lessons from it too. The producer Obi Cajetan has outdone himself in the production of this great film. He has found a way to capture the attention of our Nollywood audience throughout the entire film.

Cast: Ebele Okaro, David Ogbeni, Linjoe Madu, Uju Okoli
Produced by Obi Cajetan
Year: 2017

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